Choose a door package that suits your style, budget and project

All Garaventa Lift Home Elevator car entrances are equipped with either a full height accordion style gate or a side sliding elevator door. These are attached directly to the car and move up and down with the elevator. In addition, every landing has a door installed in the hoistway wall. These doors are always fitted with certified elevator interlocks to ensure that the door will not open unless the car is present at the same landing.

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Garaventa Lift offers three door packages available with the Elvoron Home Elevator:

Premium door package

Premium Door Package

The Premium Door Package includes side sliding elevator doors for both the car door and all landing doors. The car door engages with the landing door as the elevator car approaches the landing. The doors slide open and shut in tandem.

Upgrade Door Package

The Upgrade Door Package includes swinging hall doors by others with the side sliding elevator car door. The car door automatically slides open when the car
reaches the landing, giving access to the inside of the swinging hall door. Powered swinging door operators are optional.

Standard door package

Standard Door Package

The Standard Door Package includes swinging hall doors by others with the accordion car gate. Power hall doors and power car gates are available options. All accordion gates are available with or without 3 clear acrylic vision panels located closest to the handle.

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