Garaventa Lift Services

As any experienced general contractor or home builder can attest, successful subcontractors, like those who specialize in the installation of wheelchair lifts and home elevators, must excel at service and attention to detail. Contractors and builders require timely information and instruction so that when it is time for the lift or elevator to be installed, it can be accomplished safely and efficiently.

Installations of lifts and elevators require the installer to give clear and detailed instructions to ensure the area is properly prepared. These instructions are delivered in the form of detailed, site-specific drawings prepared by Garaventa Lift. These drawings indicate the job name, exactly what dimensions are required, as well as the location of hoistway openings and power requirements. Drawings also list the product specifications and the chosen options.

Garaventa Lift representatives understand what it takes to deliver a successful installation. In every market we serve, we have selected the representatives who best exemplify outstanding customer service.

Installation , maintenance and repair technicians benefit from intense factory training. Certification is only issued to those technicians who demonstrate the capability to effectively install, maintain and troubleshoot Garaventa Lifts and Elevators.

Authorized Garaventa Lift product consultants also receive in-depth factory training. These professionals are experts at using lifts and elevators to solve accessibility problems, complying with local code requirements and providing professional project guidance.

Don't take chances with your elevator or lift project. Trust the trained and certified Garaventa Lift representatives serving your area. Not sure who your Garaventa Lift representatives are? Click here to inquire.