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Garaventa Lift in North America

Garaventa Lift North America Team

Garaventa Lift is currently one of the largest accessibilities and mobility companies in North America. It operates across the US and Canada, offering a wide range of accessibility solutions from platform lifts and elevators to seat lifts. Garaventa North America has been in business for over forty-five years and currently has a coast to coast products and services coverage and has become a prominent reality in Canada and the US with over five hundred employees.

At Garaventa Lift, we believe and work to guarantee accessibility and mobility to everyone. Our vision is to improve lives by ensuring accessibility for all.

Our mission

We are in business to provide unique solutions and guarantee a better life for everyone, always close to you.

Thanks to our in-house experts, we can identify the best solution for every need helping communities and families to improve their homes and public locations.

Our vision

Our motivation is to improve your mobility and offer optimal comfort - this is our contribution to ensuring your independence in the long term. Our founding pillars are:

  • High-quality solutions: In the name of optimal and reliable quality, we commit to bring to you the best products both in efficiency and functionality. All our products are custom-made to respond at best to your personal requirements and structural conditions.

  • Innovation in design: We constantly focus on bringing innovation to our products by combining tradition and latest design trends. Our aim is to offer you modern solutions that reflect your wishes and design taste.

  • Customer proximity: Together with our local experts, we can respond flexibly and creatively to your wishes and needs. We advise, project and install your optimal solution and ensure that you can always rely on us – this is our promise.

Social responsibility

Alongside the important social value that our solutions carry making the world accessible to everyone, we support non-profit associations and social events. Associations supported by Garaventa Lift are:

  • Easter Seals Give a Kid a Lift program
    A program in official partnership with Garaventa Lift that provides a residential elevator in the home of a family with a disability.

IMPORTANT: Safety notice for current owners of Garaventa Lift residential elevators.