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Home Elevator & Residential Elevator

Home elevators, sometimes referred to as residential elevators, are elevators that are designed and manufactured specifically for use within a single private residence. They are considered a type of "Special Application Elevator".

There are safety codes and standards which are published specifically to regulate this equipment. All home elevators manufactured by Garaventa Lift and installed by authorized Garaventa Lift representatives meet or exceed all local and national safety code requirements.

Why Garaventa Lift?

  • Reliable - reliable products, on-time deliveries, local service
  • Safe - passenger safety, public safety, safe practices
  • Innovative products, design creativity, unique solutions
  • Wide range of wall materials and fixture finishes
  • Custom made to fit your house layout and decor
  • Installed and serviced by local, factory-trained technicians

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How much do Home Elevator & Residential Elevator Cost?

The cost of a Residential Elevator is influenced by various factors, including its size, weight capacity, number of stops, and travel distance, among others. For an accurate price estimate, simply provide these details when requesting a quote from us.

How do I get a price quote for a Residential Elevator?

Obtaining a personalized cost estimate is easy. Just share specific information about the elevator's size, capacity, stops, and travel distance in your quote request. Our team will then promptly provide you with a complimentary and tailored quotation for your consideration.

Elevate your home's accessibility and add a touch of luxury with a Residential Elevator designed to meet your needs. Contact us today to take the first step towards enhancing your property's value and convenience.

So what are the factors that affect the price of a home elevator?

Cab finishes: - Elevator cab walls offer choices like glass, wood, veneer, or melamine. Costs vary significantly among options, impacting home elevator price.

Drive systems: - Hydraulic drives and in-line (counterweight) systems differ in cost, affecting overall elevator expenses.

Location Impact: - Remote house locations incur higher installation costs due to travel expenses for the crew.

Floor Count: - Residential elevators serving two to six floors entail expenses per added stop, averaging $1000 to $1500.

Travel Distance: - Home elevators cover up to 50 feet; each foot incurs about $200 in costs for travel extension.

Cab Entrances: - Elevators with multiple entrances increase costs, based on the number of additional openings.

Entrance Types: - Sliding doors, akin to commercial elevators, introduce added expense, serving as car or landing entrances.

Automation Level: - Features like powered gate operators or swing door systems raise costs per entrance, enhancing automation.

Customization Impact: - Elevator customization for fixtures or sizing incurs slight premiums; tailored features can be reasonably priced.

By considering these factors, you can make informed decisions about your home elevator, managing costs effectively.

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IMPORTANT: Safety notice for current owners of Garaventa Lift residential elevators.