Beautiful Glass Home Elevator installed in Ontario, Canada

  • Product: Elvoron Home Elevator
  • Installed by: Garaventa Lift branch in Ontario, Canada
  • Location: Residence in Markham, Ontario, Canada
  • Installation year: 2021

The Garaventa Lift branch in Ontario installed a beautiful 3 stop Elvoron Home Elevator in a private residence in the Markham area. The project required a full glass shaft, an accordion gate with full size glass swing doors by others, and some additional custom work on the cab. The support wall was painted in black to match the house’s interior design and all shaft wiring is hidden.

This is a great example of how a Home Elevator can be customized to suit any style, budget, and project. A big thank you to Kevin Bell and the installers Conner Hicks & Alex Palma. Congrats to another great project and happy customer!

*Please note that the fixtures on the pictures are from our old line. Check out the new Luxury Fixture Line on our website.


About the Elvoron Home Elevator: 

Elvoron home elevators are designed for residential homes, add value to your home, and are comfortable, quiet and reliable. They can be customizable with various colours, finishes, and materials to suit any style, budget or project.


  • Reduce heavy lifting when transporting storage, laundry or groceries
  • Meet or exceed all local and national safety code requirements.
  • Customizable with a variety of colours, finishes, materials and fixtures
  • Different door and cabin wall options



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