Live Chat Now Available on Our Website!

It is now an undeniable fact for sales and marketing teams that responding faster to a lead or a potential customer has a significant business impact.

Not only will it make the customers happy, but it affects the potential to convert these customers into a sale.

Approximately 82% of customers consider an immediate response as “important” or “very important” when they make a purchasing decision.

Considering this, our marketing teams in different countries have worked together to implement the live chat feature on some of the websites.

The live chat was part of a pilot project in North America, and we are planning to scale this successful pilot solution to all our websites.

The development of the feature had for us as main aim to improve the web experience for our customers and to increase lead generation and customer retention.

The choice to activate the chat stems from the experience and feedback of our Customer Service teams. They identified the immediate need to answer also to those customers who “I can’t speak now” “I am in the office; can we talk later or via WhatsApp?” Or even for those who “have no way to write down the information. “

With live chat, all these problems will no longer exist, and the customers will receive exact, timely, and complete information.

The chat is managed directly by Garaventa Lift staff; therefore, experts in accessibility, prepared on all the aspects of our product range, will assist the customers.

If the Garaventa Lift chat operators don’t have the immediate answer, they will become the interface with the internal departments of competence. This way, we will avoid forcing the customer concerned to wait long phone calls or having to repeat his need a second time.

If you want to have a look at the live chat feature and introduce it to your clients, you can visit: