Indoor Trampoline Park accessible thanks to an OPAL

Often it happens that in public places you can find yourself in front of steps or slopes that deprive you of living your day according to your desires and needs. Garaventa Lift aspires to improve mobility and accessibility for everyone.

Back in 2010, our long term dealer Pacific Access Elevator installed a Genesis OPAL in an indoor trampoline park in the San Francisco area. Thanks to the team’s work visitors are able to easily access the upper floor. The OPAL can be installed directly on the floor or in a pit. 

A big thank you to the Pacific Access Elevator team for this fantastic installation and for carrying forward the Garaventa Lift brand!


About the Genesis OPAL: 

The Genesis OPAL vertical lift easily transports passengers up and down short vertical distances, for applications such as stages and porches. The platform walls, platform gate and optional automatic folding ramp travel with the platform creating a safety barrier around the passenger.


  • Low cost
  • Fast installation
  • Ideal for stage access

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