CUSTOMER RELATIONS: A team committed to you and your customers.

Just a Friendly Reminder to ensure proper handling, please send all order correspondence, sample requests, general inquiries and any “who should I talk to about XY“ emails to

The Customer Relations e-mail inbox is monitored at all times during our regular business hours to ensure your requests are processed in a efficient manner.

Our aim is to always provide the best customer service possible.  Our Customer Relations inbox operates on a ticketing system where each email becomes a task assigned to a specific customer service representatives “task list”. That representative can then reply back and forth with you directly until the task is completed . This system not only helps us match you to the best team member for the type of request you have but it also helps us stay organized, reply faster, and not have multiple replies to one task.

Also, it has been brought to our attention that our ticketing system can pose a problem if someone is away and your replies go to their specific task list where the other Customer Relations Team members can not see the corresponding task.  Moving forward to eliminate this problem, we now have the ability to access each others task lists and will be monitoring and replying to emails received. This will help us uphold our 24hour reply commitment within Customer Relations.  If by chance you email us and do not receive a reply within 24hours please check your junk folder.  If you still haven’t received any correspondence please give us a call.

As always your feedback is appreciated and helps us better ourselves as a department and company to ensure both you as our dealers and your customers get the best service possible.

Sending warm regards
Your Garaventa Customer Relations Team.