The 6 Most Common Mistakes When Designing Commercial Solutions

Designing accessibility solutions using platform lifts for commercial buildings can often be tricky. The public accessibility range varies from platform lifts to compact elevators for different types of community buildings, schools, offices, etc. This specific product range allows for a compliant and cost-effective accessibility, as well as to bring to life or make active areas of limited use or occupancy. 

Avoid common mistakes

However, platform lifts are only an excellent solution for public accessibility when they are used properly, and the application makes sense for users. Therefore, Garaventa Lift identified the 6 most common mistakes when designing commercial solutions and listed them in a whitepaper. This paper intends to  help professionals  avoiding common mistakes when using platform lifts for accessibility in public places. Download the whitepaper to read about how designers and architects can ensure a user-friendly and code-compliant design for commercial solutions.

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