Colour change

A new season and a fresh start tinted in Silver Moon, our new classic colour replacing the Champagne Anodized Aluminium and Satin Grey.

The 15th of November will see the launch of the new Silver Moon colour on the entire accessibility range encapsulating at best the essence of Garaventa Lift: a brand that creates, designs and builds transcending convenience, seeking modernity and beauty while respecting our planet.

Smooth, elegant, reliable, and enduring the passing of time, the Silver Moon will finish all aluminum components, extruded aluminum rails, towers and sheet metal to either blend the décor or provide dramatic contrast into any space.

Rendezvous this 15th of November to get the new order forms with the Silver Moon, RAL 7047.

The approvals for projects allowing you to still use Champagne Anodized Aluminum must be received by December 6, 2019 to get fulfilled.

Satin Grey and a powder coat version of Champagne Anodized Aluminum will remain available as an optional choice after November 15th, 2019.  

The choice is yours and your customers to colour this season Silver Moon!

This rendering gives you a preview of an application with the silver moon colour.