School in Colorado accessible thanks to Artira installation

  • Product: Artira
  • Installed by: Morning Star Elevator
  • Location: Manzalona school, Colorado, USA
  • Installation year: 2019

The Artira is a great solution for public accessibility. In 2019, our dealer Morning Star Elevator installed an Artira at the Manzalona school in Colorado, USA. This wheelchair lift was an ideal pick for the project since the Artira fits easily into most stairways and does not require extensive renovation or special construction. 

Thanks to Morning Star’s fantastic work students, teachers and visitors in wheelchairs and those with limited mobility can now easily and comfortably travel between the school building’s floors.


About the Artira: 

The Artira is an inclined platform lift designed to carry passengers up and down straight or curving stairways, over flat landings or over spiral staircases.


  • Designed to fit your stairway
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Space Saver

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