Garaventa Lift Branch Operations

Thirty-five years ago, Garaventa Lift manufactured a single product from one factory near Vancouver, BC, Canada. Today, over 50,000 lifts later, Garaventa Lift operates five factories and twelve retail branch operations worldwide. In North America, there are eight retail branch operations, offering installation, service and maintenance on Garaventa Lifts. In areas where we do not have retail operations, we utilize independent factory-trained and authorized representatives to provide retail services.

  • Garaventa Lift New England , Manchester, New Hampshire, Toll Free: 888-624-5438
  • Garaventa Lift Illinois , Antioch, Illinois, Toll Free: 800-787-5907
  • Garaventa Lift Florida , 549 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway, Sunrise, Florida, Toll Free: 866-220-4781
  • Garaventa Lift Alabama , Prattville, Alabama, Tel: 866-807-8798
  • Garaventa Lift Louisiana , Louisiana, Tel: 866-346-0400
  • Garaventa Lift Pennsylvania , Pennsylvania, Tel: 800-782-4733
  • Garaventa Lift Ontario , Hamilton, ON, Canada, Toll Free: 800-565-8558
  • Garaventa Lift BC , Port Moody, BC, Canada, Toll Free: 800-565-6636