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The American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System

  • Provider: Garaventa Lift
  • Program#: GL1401-W
  • Program: Accessibility, Safety and Platform Lifts and Elevators
  • Length: 1 Hour
  • Credits: 1 LU Hour
  • HSW: Yes
  • Fast Paced and Informative
  • FREE
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Description: We recognize the importance of elevators and lifts in today's design industry. Lifts and elevators can be an extraordinary feature added to a home or building that will enhance the life quality and safety of the end user. In this program the learner will learn about the requirements for platform lifts, the different types of lifts, and basic product design. Will also gain an understanding of code compliance issues, and how to solve accessibility problems, and solutions for evacuation for persons with disabilities.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this program the designer will have gained knowledge and understanding over the following:

  1. ADA regulations for lifts and elevators.
  2. Basic product design and the different types.
  3. Code compliance issues.
  4. The application of lifts and elevators to solve accessibility problems.
  5. The challenges and solutions for evacuation of persons with disabilities.

How Taught: The CES facilitator utilizes a PowerPoint or slide presentation to provide an overview for how wheelchair lifts and elevators are properly installed to facilitate ease-of-use and compliance to codes. The session will be interactive and will encourage designer feedback and provide chances to further interact through questions asked within the presentation. There will be a handout distributed at the beginning of the program to allow the designer to follow the presentation and give them the chance to write down questions to be answered at the conclusion of the program.

A/V Required: Electrical power and screen for the PowerPoint slide or presentation. The CES facilitator will supply the laptop and projector.

Cost to Participants : There are no costs involved to present this program. The course is sponsored by the CES facilitator. The course can be presented at a firm or chapter meeting at no cost.

Facilitator Qualifications: All Garaventa Lift's CES facilitators have been trained on CES guidelines and presentation skills. In addition, they receive continuous in-depth training in the field and are considered industry experts.

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