Another treehouse vertical lift wins POM

Our thanks and appreciation go out to Chris Dufek, Martin Crowley and the rest of the great crew at Midwest Accessibility Products

vertical lift for treehouse

of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Their submission of photos from The Children’s Museum in

Indianapolis, Indiana has earned them the Garaventa Lift Project of the Month for March, 2018.


Can you believe that this is the second Project of the Month in a row to feature vertical lifts for accessibility to treehouses?  Last month, we featured Genesis Enclosure vertical lifts allowing for access to treehouse office space for Microsoft.  IMG_1576

This month, a more traditional treehouse located at The Children’s Museum actually contains a Genesis Shaftway vertical lift within the treehouse structure.

Wheelchair Lift for Microsoft Treehouse Wins POM

Congratulations to the fine folks at Mobility Concepts of Fife, Washington.  Their submission of photos from Microsoft in Redmond, Washington has earned the the Garaventa Lift Project of the Month for February, 2018.

Treehouse Gains Accessibility

Treehouse Gains Accessibility

Microsoft has rigged up three high tech treehouses for employees to work and meet in up in Redmond’s Pacific Northwest Douglas firs.  The elaborate meeting rooms were built by Pete Nelson, host of the TV show Treehouse Masters. 

Two-stop Genesis Vertical Platform Lift

Two-stop Genesis Vertical Platform Lift

The treehouses are a part of Microsoft’s “outdoor districts” which are connected to buildings around its Redmond campus.  The company built the treehouses after a recent employee survey found many workers would like to work outdoors more if they could.  A Garaventa, Genesis, VPL, was included in the design allowing for two of the three treehouses to be accessible to all employees.

The lifts are two-stop Garaventa Genesis vertical platform lifts with factory-

Doors have Power Openers

Doors have Power Openers

made enclosures.  The enclosures are enclosed on top with shed-style sloping roofs and have painted steel panel walls.  Walls are also available with clear or bronze plexiglas or laminated safety glass.

Vertical Lift for Cleveland Landmark Wins Dec POM

Congratulations to Adam Bey, Henry Handel, Tony Bey and the rest of the gang at Handel & Sons Elevator of Kent, Ohio.  Their submission of photos from the historic Garfield Building in Downtown Cleveland has earned them their first Garaventa Lift Project of the Month.  The GarfieldThe Garfield Building was built in 1898, and is so named because the edifice was built by the two sons of President James Garfield.  In 2015, the building was in the news again as chunks of the decorative exterior fell off and smashed in to a parked Toyota minivan.  Thankfully, nobody was injured.  Since then, it has undergone extensive renovations and is now an upscale multi-unit residential building.

The application showcases a very common accessibility solution where the floor-to-floor Opal Vertical Lifttravel distance is less than five feet.  The product used is a Garaventa Genesis Opal, model GVL-OP-42.  The lift is floor-mounted with an autofold ramp at the lower landing for access to the platform.  Opal VPLThe lower landing call station is located clear of the door swing to make it easy to use.  It is the standard color of satin grey along with champagne anodized aluminum components.

The lift is also equipped with several optional features, Garaventa vertical liftincluding laminated glass panels in both gates, powered gate operators, braille push buttons, courtesy lights and a hands-free emergency telephone.