Project of the Month Feb 2019

Genesis Outdoor Vertical Platform Lift

Thank you to Dan Zammar and Access Elevator and Lifts for this magnificent customized tthree-level outdoor Genesis Enclosure installation that has earned them the Project of the Month title for February 2019.

Genesis Outdoor Vertical Platform Lift

This vertical platform lift is installed at a Bank of America Branch in Overland Park, Kansas. The bank is in a small town, with a limited budget and wanted a cost-effective way to provide better accessibility for its customers. They considered an elevator indoors, but the cost and amount of valuable floor space consumed were prohibitive. An outdoor Genesis Lift provided a great low cost alternative that would provide better accessibility from both the sidewalk level and parking level while preserving the floor space of the bank.

The lift has a number of customizations. It features tower supports due to lack of a nearby tieback location. Two beautiful bridges on different levels were constructed with custom railings that include sleek glass sidewalls. The bridges are more complicated than the typical project in that they are freestanding and supported by footings, and the lower level features a right angle turn. Other features of the project include power doors on the lift, an ADA compliant 42×60 platform, a sloped roof, and a fan and vent with mast heater to make the lift comfortable in any season.

Special thanks to Josh Solis, our in-house designer, as well as our fabrication shop for making this unconventional installation happen.

Impeccable Artira installation in Portugal

ArtiraOur thanks and appreciation go out to António Leitão and the rest of the great crew at Rocargo Tecnomobile in Portugal. Their submission of photos from the indoor GSL Artira application in Lisbon has earned them the Garaventa Lift Project of the Month for September 2018.

Stair-lift-ArtiraNotice how precisely the guide tubes are aligned with the handcrafted, and radiating staircase. This application has been engineered to perfection. Also, the standard satin grey finish contrasts with the maple finish of the staircase yet matches the surrounding walls to create a sense of unity. As well, the Artira will fit into most existing stairways, with minimal or no modification required. Therefore, a staircase such as this one can be preserved without having to be removed.

Platform-ArtiraThis Artira installation has been modified for personal use in a home. It has manual controls and a smaller platform than an ADA compliant commercial application. Therefore, it is a versatile and space-saving option in one’s residence. In addition, the size of the ramp has been customized/increased to provide a safe exit on the upper landing. With the installation of the GSL Artira, the client has access to all three floors in their home.






Modern Genesis Enclosure Application in Missouri

IMG_2653 - edit (002)Our thanks and appreciation go out to Bill Click and the rest of the great crew at Allrise Elevator in St. Louis, Missouri. Their submission of photos of a Genesis Enclosure Lift in St. Louis, MO has earned them the Garaventa Lift Project of the Month for July 2018.

IMG_1328.JPG - editThe custom white finish on the door and frame is a popular color solution for residential applications since it provides outstanding contrast within the area. Also, notice how the white finish accompanying the glass panels create a modern aesthetic. The glass panels allow natural light to enter and brighten up the space. Another benefit is that it allows the passenger to enjoy the surrounding view while occupying the lift.

IMG_1318.JPG - editThis indoor application provides access from the entrance to the second floor of the home. In addition, the Genesis enclosure offers a space saving solution for residential remodeling projects since it does not require a machine room like a home elevator would.