March Project of the Month

We have a new project of the month courtesy of Adam Bey of Handel & Son Elevator/Lift Co in Ohio.

Genesis Vertical Platform Lift

The Genesis Vertical Platform Lift was installed at the JACK Thistledown Racino (Casino and Race Track) in Northfield, North Randall, Ohio for a disabled employee who was returning to work. The employee needed secure access to the upper level of the casino, which is an employee only work area previously only accessible via a stairway.

Genesis Vertical Platform Lift

A custom cream frame color was requested to match the mouldings, along with operators and a flip-up seat. A nice touch to the lift is the smoke tinted plexi-glass panels which help further match the dark aesthetic of the casino.

Genesis Vertical Platform Lift

In addition to all of these customizations, a tight deadline to have the project ready for the employee’s return made this a logistically fun and interesting project for the Handel & Son Elevator team.

Genesis Vertical Platform Lift

Modern Walnut Residential Elevator

AEL Logo Plate

Our thanks and appreciation go out to Ryan Anglim and the rest of the great crew at Access Elevator and Lifts Inc, NE. Their submission of photos of the Elvoron MR installation has earned them the Garaventa Lift Project of the Month for December, 2018.

This elevator is the definition of a high quality and luxury product. Notice how the walnut finish matches the surrounding structure, creating a sense of unity and comfort. In addition, the premium fixtures and COP add contrast, while the walnut finish compliments the modern aesthetic of the interior.

Also, the wooden panels surround the elevator enclosure on all three floors of the home creating dimension and a mid-century modern design. This project is undeniably the work of a very knowledgeable and professional buyer and fit for the home of an architect.

Glass-paneled lift in Hopcat Restaurant, MO

Our thanks and appreciation go out to Bill Click and the rest of the great crew at Allrise Elevator Company, Inc. Their submission of photos from the Enclosure lift in University City, MO has earned them the Garaventa Lift Project of the Month for October, 2018.





This project is located in Hopcat, a new brewery and restaurant in the city’s Delmar Loop, near the loop trolley, and the historic Theatre Tivoli. Set in a recently renovated historic building featuring wooden beams and expired brick, the standard champagne anodized aluminum material of the lift helps it to blend in with the environment. Together with the darker colors and textures of the wooden floors and stone walls, the Genesis Enclosure compliments the industrial aesthetic of the brewery. This project also features upgraded plexi-glass panels that help reflect natural light in this softly lit restaurant.

The enclosure lift is a clever option to use when a lift is required in an existing building that does not have a shaft way. In addition, the Genesis vertical lift is more cost-effective than an elevator and does not require a machine room. It also meets ADA requirements, which provides a viable option in public spaces.