May Project of the Month

The may project of the month has been chosen! This project comes to us courtesy of Mike Crumpton of Garaventa Lift Alabama. This is one of those unique projects that really expands the range of stylistic possibilities of what a lift can look like to overcome client concerns about a lift fitting in with their location’s aesthetic.

Garaventa Lift Genesis Shaftway Verical Platform Lift Cook Museum

The customized lift is a perfect fit for its surroundings, located in the new Cook Museum of Natural Science in Decatur, Alabama, near the city of Huntsville.

The project is a Hydraulic 10’ Genesis Shaftway with two-floor stops. Each entry features Garaventa Lift doors that have been textured and painted to look like weathered wood – and the doors themselves have been exquisitely framed.

Garaventa Lift Genesis Shaftway Verical Platform Lift Cook Museum

Adding to the effect are small details like specially moulded door handles made to look like branches, and Power Door Operators made to look like they are a block of wood.

Garaventa Lift Genesis Shaftway Cook Museum

The entire upper floor of the shaftway has been made to look like an old shack, perfect for its wild, mountainous surroundings.

Cook Natural History Museum Alabama

The lower floor exits out into a hallway, again keeping stylistically consistent with the surrounding museum.

Garaventa Lift Genesis Shaftway Verical Platform Lift Cook Museum

The museum’s roots can be traced back to 1968, it expanded in 1980, closed in 2016, and has now had a grand re-opening in June 2019 marking the culmination of 50-year vision in the making with a state-of-the-art natural science museum that provides a hands-on, immersive experience where kids can explore, interact with, and learn about nature.

If you are visiting Alabama be sure to stop by to visit the museum and check out the lift!

April Project of the Month

The Project of the Month for April has been chosen, and what a unique project it is!

The lift is a 2 level custom color outdoor Genesis enclosure installed by Lift Aids in Fort Worth Texas. It features a domed roof and external lights.

The unique feature of this lift is a graphic Vinyl Wrap done by the General Contractor to look like the famous “Big Ben” clock tower of London England. Using a Vinyl wrap is a great idea to add customization or branding to your lift project. It also protects the lift from weather and damage.

This stunning graphic was used in order to improve the street appearance of the lift and help brand and promote the English-style pub downstairs. The vinyl is actually perforated so that you can see through it which helps natural light in the lift and prevents it from feeling too enclosed.

The pub is the Winchester Tavern 903 Throckmorton. If you are visiting Texas it looks like a magnificent bar to stop for a pint!

The print helps make the lift a stylistic match for the bar, pictured below.

March Project of the Month

We have a new project of the month courtesy of Adam Bey of Handel & Son Elevator/Lift Co in Ohio.

Genesis Vertical Platform Lift

The Genesis Vertical Platform Lift was installed at the JACK Thistledown Racino (Casino and Race Track) in Northfield, North Randall, Ohio for a disabled employee who was returning to work. The employee needed secure access to the upper level of the casino, which is an employee only work area previously only accessible via a stairway.

Genesis Vertical Platform Lift

A custom cream frame color was requested to match the mouldings, along with operators and a flip-up seat. A nice touch to the lift is the smoke tinted plexi-glass panels which help further match the dark aesthetic of the casino.

Genesis Vertical Platform Lift

In addition to all of these customizations, a tight deadline to have the project ready for the employee’s return made this a logistically fun and interesting project for the Handel & Son Elevator team.

Genesis Vertical Platform Lift