April Project of the Month

The Project of the Month for April has been chosen, and what a unique project it is!

The lift is a 2 level custom color outdoor Genesis enclosure installed by Lift Aids in Fort Worth Texas. It features a domed roof and external lights.

The unique feature of this lift is a graphic Vinyl Wrap done by the General Contractor to look like the famous “Big Ben” clock tower of London England. Using a Vinyl wrap is a great idea to add customization or branding to your lift project. It also protects the lift from weather and damage.

This stunning graphic was used in order to improve the street appearance of the lift and help brand and promote the English-style pub downstairs. The vinyl is actually perforated so that you can see through it which helps natural light in the lift and prevents it from feeling too enclosed.

The pub is the Winchester Tavern 903 Throckmorton. If you are visiting Texas it looks like a magnificent bar to stop for a pint!

The print helps make the lift a stylistic match for the bar, pictured below.