Garaventa Lift Quality System Re-certified by Independent Auditors

The ISO-certified quality system being used at Garaventa Lift has been examined by independent auditors from QMI-SAI Global. They found that the system continues to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the design and manufacture of wheelchair accessibility products including vertical platform lifts, inclined platform lifts and the distribution of Evacu-Trac, Stair-Trac and Super-Trac devices.

At Garaventa Lift, we are committed to maintaining and improving our Quality Management System. For further information, contact us at or call us at 1-800-663-6556. For a copy of the Certificate of Registration, please click here: ISO Certificate


You think it would be easy to get a cup of coffee

Garaventa LiftI was wandering through the mall the other day looking in shops, you know “window shopping” and out of the corner of my eye I saw a gentleman in a wheelchair trying desperately to reach a drink off of a counter. He was in a coffee shop and his drink had been put on the hand off station, but the station was too high. Luckily the clerk noticed and helped him get his drink, and put it in the holder he had on his wheelchair. However this got to me to thinking: Have you ever thought about what it might be like to have your surroundings restrict only you from “normal” life? What about if you were the only one out of 10 people that couldn’t get into your favorite coffee shop, let alone get your own drink off of the counter? This is what human beings with disabilities experience on a daily basis, because the world around them caters to the “majority” instead of everyone. Given that over the past twenty years many parts of the world have made accessibility a matter of basic human rights, I can’t even imagine what that gentleman’s experience would have been twenty years ago. Would he have even been able to get into the mall?


Garaventa Lift Foundation – Fitzpatrick Family Home

X3-Inclined Platform LiftsOne of Garaventa Lift Foundation’s first projects was the Fitzpatrick family home. The Fitzpatrick home had a competitors inclined platform lift installed many years ago and they were very frustrated with the number of service calls and the expense associated with these repairs. The lift had never worked properly and as their daughter grew this became much more of an issue. Garaventa Lift’s Don Sanchez was aware of this problem and approached Garaventa regarding installing a X3 inclined lift. Vince Sciamanna got in touch with the Fitzpatrick family and arranged to donate this lift to solve the challenges the family was dealing with.

This X3 inclined lift was installed to provide access from the main upstairs living area to the downstairs family room and main entrance of the home. Laura is a charming teenager who is thrilled with her Garaventa Lift and finds it very easy to use. It took Laura a very short amount of time to learn how to use the lift and now she has the independence to travel between both levels of the house. Laura and her family are very pleased with the installation of X3.