Garaventa Vertical Platform Lifts

Garaventa Vertical Platform Lifts are designed to provide cost-effective access into or within private homes or public buildings. There are four models of Garaventa vertical platform lifts to suit any need or application, the Genesis Enclosure , Genesis Shaftway , Elvoron CPL and Genesis OPAL .

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Genesis Enclosure Model

Vertical Platform Lift

The Enclosure Model is a complete, self contained vertical platform lift consisting of a drive mast, passenger platform, doors/gates and factory manufactured walls that enclose the lift. No need to be concerned with the construction of a hoistway (also known as a shaftway). This style of lift can normally be installed without the need for extensive site modifiocations. The enclosure itself features an attractive extruded aluminum frame and panels made of steel, plexiglas or safety glass. Custom materials, colors and graphics are also available.

  • Complete, self-contained vertical lift
  • Rated load - 340 kg (750lbs)
  • Choice of seven lifting heights
  • Choice of two drive systems - hydraulic or lead screw
  • 90°, 180° and 360° degree entry/exit configurations
  • Two or three stops

Genesis Shaftway Model (Hoistway)

Hoistway vertical platform lift picture

The Genesis Shaftway Model fits inside a vertical runway (also known as a hoistway or shaftway) that is built by others in accordance to Garaventa Lift specifications. This vertical platform lift consists of a drive mast, passenger platform, doors and gates. The hoistway at the uppermost landing can be protected by a gate and surrounding hoistway walls that are only 42" tall. Another alternative is to put a full height door (80" tall) on the lift entrance and extend the surrounding walls to the ceiling. In cases where children or teens may be frequenting the area, it is advisable to enclose the uppermost landing completely, even if this exceeds minimum code requirements.

  • Lifts inside a vertical runway
  • Rated Load - 340kg (750lbs)
  • Choice of seven lifting heights
  • Choice of two drive systems - hydraulic or lead screw
  • 90° entry/exit configurations
  • Two or three stops

Elvoron CPL Model

Garaventa Elvoron CPL vertical platform lifts picture

The Elvoron CPL is a vertical platform lift equipped with a full height cab and a non-load bearing ceiling. It looks and feels like a small elevator but costs much less. The Elvoron CPL is designed to provide access for people with disabilities in commercial buildings. Simple constant pressure operation and swing door access ensure reliability and ease of operation for passengers.

  • Lifts inside a vertical runway
  • Standard capacity of 750lbs (340kgs). Up to 1,400lbs (635kgs) where permitted
  • Maximum floor to floor travel: USA 14ft (4.2m) / Canada 23ft (7.0m)
  • Hydraulic Drive System
  • 90° entry/exit configurations
  • Up to six stops

Genesis OPAL Model

Unenclosed vertical platform lifts are great for schools

The Genesis OPAL Model is an unenclosed vertical platform lift that can be installed directly on the floor or in a pit (check local codes - pit mounted open vertical lifts are not permissible everywhere). This durable and easy-to-use vertical platform lift is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications requiring vertical transportation up to five feet. Properly configured and installed, this product is appropriate for accessibility within public buildings as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.).

  • Unenclosed vertical lift
  • Rated load - 340 kg (750lbs)
  • Two lifting heights - 45" (1143mm) and 1600mm (63")
  • Choice of two drive systems
  • 90° or 180° entry/exit configurations
  • Two stops