Garaventa Lift Showcases Home Elevators at IBS 2014

Thousands of attendees to The 2014 International Builders Show and The New American Home were introduced to Home Elevators by Garaventa Lift. Builders, architects and other design professionals visited our booth on the trade show floor. Thousands of others saw the Garaventa Home Elevator installed at The New American Home in Henderson, Nevada. The New American Home 2014

International Day of People with Disability

Did you realize, according to the United Nations, that over ONE BILLION PEOPLE live with some sort of disability? That’s 15% of the entire population of the world! December 3rd has been sanctioned by the UN as International Day of People with Disability. The aim is to promote an understanding of people with disability and encourage support for their dignity, rights and well-being.

At Garaventa, we understand how the removal of barriers can be inspiring. We have been fortunate to witness countless episodes where barriers have been removed. It shows that people with disabilities are empowered by  accessibility projects. The looks on their faces when they realize greater freedom is truly uplifting (no pun intended).

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Homebuilders Show Increased Confidence

The National Association of Home Builders released the results of their monthly index today. The index attempts to gauge the sentiment of the residential construction industry. Although overall sentiment is still negative, the index is at it’s highest level in years.