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January 24, 2016


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3-speed glass and stainless home elevator doors

Garaventa Lift is thrilled to announce the release of our new 3-speed side sliding elevator doors for home elevators. This new option will allow home owners and builders to create the same look and feel on their home elevator as a standard commercial passenger elevator.

Buyers can choose from three door packages:

The Standard Door Package features an accordion car gate and swinging hall doors by others. This arrangement has been the industry standard for years and continues to be available.

The Upgrade Door Package includes a 3-speed sliding elevator car door with swinging hall doors by others. This allows for the use of a swinging hall door which matches the other doors in the home. The accordion gate used in the Standard Door Package is replaced by a 3-speed automatic sliding elevator door for the cab.

The Premium Door Package includes 3-speed sliding elevator doors for both the cab and the hall doors. As the elevator approaches a landing, the car door engages with the hall door. Both doors slide open simultaneously, the same familiar way that sliding doors work on a commercial elevator.

The new 3-speed sliding elevator doors were revealed at the recent 2016 International Builders Show in Las Vegas to rave reviews. Plans are already underway to include Garaventa Home Elevators in the 2017 New American Home and the 2017 New American Remodeled Home.

GARAVENTA LIFT is a global organization that provides solutions to improve the quality of life for people worldwide. Our name stands for reliability, safety and innovation.
Reliability: Reliable products, reliable services, on-time deliveries.
Safety: Passenger safety, public safety, safe practices.
Innovation: Innovative products, design creativity, unique solutions.

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Vegas Show Home Elevator Nets POM


Garaventa Elvoron Home Elevator with Premium fixtures and the Standard Door Package.

Congratulations and thank you to the fine folks at Hankin Specialty Elevator. Their installation of an Elvoron In-Line Drive Home Elevator at 2016 The New American Home in Henderson, Nevada has earned them the Project of the Month for January.

The elevator is a Style 3 cab with Premium Fixtures and the Standard Door Package. The accordion gates are powered.

The New American Home was shown to tour groups during the recent International Builders Show. As usual, the tours were extremely popular. It was sold out every day.

Garaventa Lift has again been selected for inclusion in the 2017 New American Home and the inaugural New American Remodeled Home. Both of these projects have already started in Lake Nona, near Orlando, Florida.and are being designed and built by the amazing talents of theĀ Phil Kean Design Group of Winter Park, Florida.


Garaventa Elvoron Home Elevator

Garaventa Elvoron Home Elevator

Calgary Vertical Platform Lift is December POM

Congratulations to Canwest Elevator & Lifts of Calgary Alberta for their fantastic, inspiring program, “Give A Kid A Lift”. In conjunction with Easter Seals, Canwest employees dedicate time and resources to fundraising. Every year for the past 5 years, they have managed to raise enough funds and corporate support to allow for a lift to be installed of the home of a needy family.

Calgary lift contractor facilitates lift for needy family

Calgary lift contractor facilitates lift for needy family

This year, the recipients are the Hitchcock family, Andy, Jay and Caleb. 6-year-old Caleb has been diagnosed with polymicrogyria, the result of an underdeveloped brain. He now requires a lift to travel safely between floors. Caleb’s father Andy says, “We knew we needed help because we were lifting him all of the time everywhere.” Once the event organizers learned of the family’s struggles, they were selected to receive the lift.

Caleb Hitchcock can now travel safely between floors at home.

Caleb Hitchcock can now travel safely between floors at home.

The Give A Kid A Lift program conducts an annual fundraising event at The Ironwood in downtown Calgary. Look for the next event to be announced for mid-March, 2016.