Garaventa Lift at NAEC 2014

The 65th Annual Convention and Exposition is underway for the National Association of Elevator Contractors. This year, it is being held in San Antonio, Texas. One of the important elements of the NAEC is the educational sessions, where attendees can learn about various topics affecting our industry and enhance their certifications as Certified Elevator Technicians and Certified Accessibility Technicians.

Here, James Boydston of Handi-Lift Inc., long-time Garaventa Lift representatives, teaches a class on the certifications programs, C.A.T. and C.E.T.


One thought on “Garaventa Lift at NAEC 2014

  1. So proud!

    So important everyone get into CAT and get candidates going to give the program and our new trade designation validity.

    Thanks Mark for strong words in support of CAT at AEMA meeting and for making it mandatory for your dealers.

    When certification comes to your State, and it will come, if you don’t have lots of dealers with their techs in a formal training program it will be hard to negotiate for the right to do business going forward.

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