Garaventa lifts installed in the National Pantheon of Venezuela

Simón BolívarOur dealer in Venezuela, V.I.P. Elevator, has now completed the installation of two Xpress II lifts in the renovation of nation’s most important historical site.  Housing the remains of several heroes of the independence of South America from the Spanish, the entire central nave is dedicated to Simón Bolívar. Bolívar remains regarded in Hispanic-America as a hero, visionary, revolutionary, and liberator. During his lifetime, he led VenezuelaColombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia to independence, and helped lay the foundations for democratic ideology in much of Latin America.

Congratulations to everyone and V.I.P. this very prestigious installation and thank you for all your hard work!

Garaventa Lift is a world leader in the manufacturing, distribution, installation and service of home elevators, wheelchair lifts, emergency evacuation chairs and platform lifts (handicap elevators).

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