Travel Height adjustment (Genesis STAAGE)

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Travel Height Adjustment
  • Raise the upper landing limit post above the stage level. To do so, loosen the 2 black knobs on the post, raise the post and tighten the knobs.
  • Position the upper landing side of the lift adjacent to stage. Ensure that the outer edge of the platform is parallel to the edge of the stage (No less than 3/8” from the edge of the stage).
  • If this is not the case, follow the transportation instructions to reposition the lift.
  • Go to the upper landing and loosen the 2 black knobs on the upper limit post.
  • Slide the post down until the stop tab rests on the stage floor. Re-tighten the knobs. This sets the platform travel height and allows the gate to open in this location.
  • Do not operate the lift until the travel height has been adjusted and the lift has been positioned adjacent to the stage.