Machine Room Controller Dimensions (Elvoron hydraulic drive)

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Controller and Pump Assembly: The dimensions of the pump unit are 23" (584mm) wide x 16 1/2" (419mm) deep x 59 1/4" (1505mm) high. It can be remotely located, up to 10' (3048 mm) away from the hydraulic jack.

Remote Controller: When space is limited, the controller can be separated from the Pump Tank. Controller size: 23" (584mm) wide x 6" (152mm) deep x 30" (762mm)

Pump Tank size: 23" (584mm) wide x 16 1/2" (419mm) deep x 31" (787mm) high - requires 3" (76mm) minimum above tank for clearance


  • For elevators with a 1,400lb capacity (Elvoron CPL only), the size of the controller and pump assembly are increased due to the larger motor located within the Pump Tank (Dimensions: 30" (762mm) wide x 19 1/2" (495mm) deep x 66 1/4" (1683mm) high).