Machine Room (hydraulic drive only)

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In order to satisfy code requirements, the hydraulic pump unit and your fused disconnect switches must be located in a room or area which is lockable. Even a lockable cabinet is acceptable. However service personnel must have a 7’ (2134 mm) high area in which to stand and at least 36" (914mm) of clearance for US applications and 39 3/8" (1000 mm) of clearance for Canadian applications in front of the electrical box to meet the electrical code. Consult your local representative for further details.

The machinery could be located in a janitor’s room or a closet, as long as the above requirements are met. The optimum location is at the lowest level of the building, adjacent to the hoistway, preferable on the same side as the guide rails.


  • For residential hydraulic drive units, the machine room does not have to be a separate or dedicated room.
  • One PVC sleeve, a minimum of 4" (102 mm) in diameter, will be required between the hoistway and the machinery for the hydraulic hose and electrical conduit. This is to enable the installers to make the connection between the cylinder and the pumping unit. The sleeves should enter the hoistway at either corner of the support wall.