Genesis Enclosure vs Shaftway Model

From Garaventapedia

The Genesis is available in two styles, the Enclosure Model and the Shaftway Model. The Enclosure Model consists of a factory supplied mast, platform, doors and factory manufactured walls that enclose the lift. The Shaftway Model consists of a mast, platform and doors. The walls enclosing the lift are built by others using dimensions provided by Garaventa Lift.

Enclosure Model

The enclosure frame is constructed of champagne color anodized aluminum extrusions. The attractive contoured corner posts allow the fasteners to be hidden and the vertical etched lines enhance the appearance of the lift. Horizontal cross members are fitted into the corner posts, securing the enclosure panels. The panels come in a choice of 16 gauge painted galvanized mild steel, 5mm (3/16”) bronze tinted or clear Plexiglas or 6mm (1/4”) laminated glass (by others). The Enclosure model is available in a number of optional finishes.

Shaftway Model (Hoistway Style)

The Genesis Shaftway unit is designed to fit the essential lift components within your shaftway walls. The Genesis Shaftway Model can have either aluminum frame doors/gates, fire rated steel doors, or the doors can be supplied by others. All styles of doors/gates have interlocks integrated with our control system.