Accordion Cab Gate

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<meta name="title" content="Elvoron Home Elevator Accordion Cab Gate"></meta> <meta name="keywords" content="home elevator cab gate, home elevator accordion gate"></meta> <meta name="description" content="The Elvoron home elevator is equipped with a clear acrylic paneled solid accordion gate"></meta> All cabs are equipped with solid accordion gates which feature three clear acrylic panels on the handle end of the gate. They allow the user to see when they have reached the landing and for those who suffer from claustrophobia to see out of the cab.

The gates are electrically supervised to prevent the elevator from operating unless the gate is closed. The standard accordion gate is manually opened and closed by the passenger. It can be equipped with an optional power gate operator.


  • Scissor Gates are also available, but are not allowed by code restrictions in some areas.