North Kansas City Home Elevator Named Garaventa Lift POM

Glass elevator

Glass elevator

The August Project of the Month honors goes to Access Elevator & Lifts for their installation of a beautiful home elevator at Ever Glades Farm in North Kansas City, Missouri. The farm is known for offering first-class boarding facilities for show horses. The owners live on site in a home that was built around the turn of the century and has been meticulously maintained. Any upgrades or additions, such as the elevator, had to be very carefully planned.



They added louvers on one side of the hoist way exterior, keeping the view but reducing glare and heat from direct sunlight.


home elevator


The owners chose to install an elevator because their bedroom is on the second floor and and they were experiencing increasing difficulty with the stairs. The choice of clear glass for the cab and hoistway walls give them a panoramic view of the farm while they travel quickly and safely between floors.