Robyn Sparkles takes a leap of faith for a cause

On September 13, after raising 2,100 dollars for Easter Seals in just over a week; our own Robyn Robertson plunged down a 20 story building for charity. She said the trip itself only took a little under four minutes but it felt like over an hour as she repelled downwards. When she returned to the office she sent out a thank you including this wonderful quote describing her experience:

 Standing at the edge of the building and looking over 200 Ft below, the words nuts, crazy, insane were just a couple of the thoughts going threw my mind. While repelling down, all I kept on saying was: “Oh my god!” What I thought seemed like a life time as I went down, turned out to be only about 4 minutes.  When I finally touched the ground, I could hardly move let alone stand: Then I looked up and saw this young boy looking at me saying THANK YOU!  All my fears were gone and joy simply took over including some tears…

 I believe that going over the side of that building; I wasn’t amazing and certainly wasn’t even brave.

 The Children and Adults that we all did it for are the real brave and remarkable individuals.

Thank you to Robyn for taking on this endeavor and all of the contributors from our Garaventa Lift family and everywhere that helped Robyn make this goal become a reality. It was truly an amazing cause and I hope to see more of us take action the way Robyn did in the future.Robyn's Leap of Faith

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