Glass-paneled lift in Hopcat Restaurant, MO

Our thanks and appreciation go out to Bill Click and the rest of the great crew at Allrise Elevator Company, Inc. Their submission of photos from the Enclosure lift in University City, MO has earned them the Garaventa Lift Project of the Month for October, 2018.





This project is located in Hopcat, a new brewery and restaurant in the city’s Delmar Loop, near the loop trolley, and the historic Theatre Tivoli. Set in a recently renovated historic building featuring wooden beams and expired brick, the standard champagne anodized aluminum material of the lift helps it to blend in with the environment. Together with the darker colors and textures of the wooden floors and stone walls, the Genesis Enclosure compliments the industrial aesthetic of the brewery. This project also features upgraded plexi-glass panels that help reflect natural light in this softly lit restaurant.

The enclosure lift is a clever option to use when a lift is required in an existing building that does not have a shaft way. In addition, the Genesis vertical lift is more cost-effective than an elevator and does not require a machine room. It also meets ADA requirements, which provides a viable option in public spaces.


Business Students visit Garaventa Lift

It was an exciting day at the Garaventa Lift manufacturing facility and offices earlier this month as we welcomed business students from both the University of Applied Sciences of Lucerne, Switzerland and the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, Canada.

business students visit garaventa lift

The students participated in a factory tour and also had a chance to have a Q+A session with our senior management team. Discussions focused on working within culturally diverse environments both externally and internally, the challenge of marketing products globally, and how to best maintain a functional workforce.

Professor Jillaine Farrar of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, School of Business states she was “particularly impressed by the efficiency and the design of the new Garaventa Lift factory”. The Garaventa Lift organization has supported this program for over six years and looks forward to welcoming students for many years to come.

In addition to the Garaventa Lift facility and office visit, the one-week program featured many interactive seminars and site visits throughout Vancouver. Discussions on cutting-edge leadership and intercultural topics were presented by leading experts, academics and business executives. The focus areas of the program included negotiating across cultures, leadership strategies for a global manager, Vancouver as the Asian-Pacific Gateway, and Canada’s First Nations’ business traditions and culture. The goal is to give students a fantastic opportunity to discover what connects Switzerland, Canada and the rest of the world.

Impeccable Artira installation in Portugal

ArtiraOur thanks and appreciation go out to António Leitão and the rest of the great crew at Rocargo Tecnomobile in Portugal. Their submission of photos from the indoor GSL Artira application in Lisbon has earned them the Garaventa Lift Project of the Month for September 2018.

Stair-lift-ArtiraNotice how precisely the guide tubes are aligned with the handcrafted, and radiating staircase. This application has been engineered to perfection. Also, the standard satin grey finish contrasts with the maple finish of the staircase yet matches the surrounding walls to create a sense of unity. As well, the Artira will fit into most existing stairways, with minimal or no modification required. Therefore, a staircase such as this one can be preserved without having to be removed.

Platform-ArtiraThis Artira installation has been modified for personal use in a home. It has manual controls and a smaller platform than an ADA compliant commercial application. Therefore, it is a versatile and space-saving option in one’s residence. In addition, the size of the ramp has been customized/increased to provide a safe exit on the upper landing. With the installation of the GSL Artira, the client has access to all three floors in their home.